A Prayer for the 19 Lives Lost in Yarnell Hill Fire

Thank you firefighters

Oh God Almighty, you are an awesome God, Holy and all-knowing. Help all of us understand this tragic event. It is hard to fathom the loss of 19 firefighters lives.  They were all so young.  Just starting out in life and starting families.  I know that you bring good out of all that happens, but at this moment while people are grieving, comfort them and help all of us show our love for each other.

My heart cries out to you O God, to be with those who are hurting, bewildered, and shocked. Please heal those who are suffering from this great loss and help them to remember the good of the past and to manage the hurt of the present. Time heals all wounds, but I pray that those who are affected by this tragedy will have an end result that is positive instead of negative. Grant them peace in their lives knowing that their loved ones gave their all to help save others. And I pray that the community will never forget how much these young people gave! What they did! They are all heroes! I pray that these 19 young men will have a special place with you, God, in Heaven.

Please Lord help the community and individuals be aware of the sacrifices of our firefighters, police and servicemen and women. Move us with compassion that we might always thank and support those who risk their lives everyday for us. I pray all of this in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen


About Jonell Loeffler

Jonell enjoys writing, teaching and art pursuits. She has interests in several areas which keeps life educational, interesting, entertaining and challenging. She is an MBTI Certified Practitioner and a Strong Certified Practitioner. Jonell has a bachelor's in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Art/Music and Math, and was a high school math and science teacher.
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