The First Hostage: a J. B. Collins novel by Joel C. Rosenberg

The First Hostage Book Cover

J. B. Collins, a foreign correspondent to the middle-east, is invited by the King of Jordan to cover a secret Arab-Israeli peace summit attended by the President of the United States, the Israeli Prime Minister, President of the Palestinian Authority, the King of Jordan and several other support staff.

As all gather for the highly guarded meeting, ISIS attacks killing hundreds.  J. B. helps save the King of Jordan and his family while the President enters another van and they race out of the Jordanian compound heading for the airport.  As they reach the bombed airport, the realization hits J. B. and the King of Jordan that the President’s van is missing.  It is soon discovered that ISIS has kidnapped the President and their public demands are made though a video that is broadcast to the whole world.

The King and his counsel realize there is a mole and after much deliberation including with the FBI of the US, it is decided that the mole has to be J. B. Collins and he is arrested and thrown in a cell while the clock ticks downward to the deadline for ISIS’ demands or the President of the US will be beheaded on live TV.

It is the intent of ISIS leaders to usher in the global reign of their Islamic messiah.  While the fate of possibly the whole world hangs in the balance, J. B. from his cell is trying to figure out who the mole really is and to clear his name.  The whole world is on high alert.

Some of the atrocities committed by ISIS are revealed to those trying to find and rescue the President of the US:

“…….She picked up the pace, eager to get out of this house of horrors as quickly as possible, but I lagged behind.  I tried not to look at the dangling corpses above us or the bulging eyes and gaping mouths of the heads stacked in the carts.  As I kept my head down and eyes averted, I couldn’t help but notice piles of debris running along each wall.  Curious, I finally stopped and took a more careful look, and then I realized these weren’t heaps of garbage.  These were crosses and icons and Communion cups and Bibles and other holy books.  And then I knew who these people were and why they had died such grisly and horrible deaths.  (page 358)”

Without disclosing any more of the storyline, I highly recommend this book as is an exciting and great page turner!  I give it 5 armchairs!

Book Reviewed by Jonell Loeffler


About Jonell Loeffler

Jonell enjoys writing, teaching and art pursuits. She has interests in several areas which keeps life educational, interesting, entertaining and challenging. She is an MBTI Certified Practitioner and a Strong Certified Practitioner. Jonell has a bachelor's in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Art/Music and Math, and was a high school math and science teacher.
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