About Jonell Loeffler
I live in Prescott Valley, Arizona and I am a retired high school teacher and artist. I prefer a creative life and have been toying with writing now for some years. Like so many others I have a novel in progress, but vacillate back and forth with the writing and rewriting and so never seem to finish it. This year, I hope to get more serious and get it finished. I believe we all have a story and through my blogging, I hope to tell mine. I am currently the editor of the “In Touch” newsletter which is an in-house newsletter of First Baptist Church in Prescott, AZ. Nothing that is published on this website belongs to FBC as all of the writings and thoughts are mine.

Because I want to reserve time to do my writing, my aim is to blog three times a week usually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That doesn’t mean that I won’t blog on other days, but I would rather try to keep the quality of my blogging interesting and of value rather than just adding inane verbiage.

What I Believe:
Under Construction

The Legal Stuff (All Blogs, Webpages, and Social Networking)
Blog posts belong to and are copyright Jonell Loeffler and are the works solely of Jonell Loeffler. They are not posted with the approval, knowledge or consent of FBC Prescott or any of their affiliates.

Do not re-post any of my original blog posts without prior permission. Then, make sure there’s a link back once you do gain permission. Any guest posts belong to the guest poster and require permission from the guest before re-posting them elsewhere as the rights belong to the guest for their blog post.

Plagiarism is a serious crime and a grave sin in the writing world. Please respect others and my work by respecting copyright laws. If you feel I have broken a copyright, email me. I will fix it posthaste.


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