In Memory of the 19 Young Firefighters Killed in Yarnell Hill Fire

RIP for firefighters

Remember the families and friends through prayer!  And if there is a need, hopefully a website will be set up for contributions.  This is such a tragic event.  Representative Paul Gosar will have a Memorial in Prescott today for these brave young people!!!

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Yarnell Wildfire Kills 19 Firefighters

A wildfire started this afternoon in the Yarnell, Arizona area from lightening.  In just a few hours it has destroyed 250 homes and killed 19 firefighters.  For those who don’t live in Arizona, Yarnell is a small community south of Prescott.  It is a community of less than 700 residents just south of Peeples Valley.  Such a sad situation.  On the news tonight they are saying that the fire is consuming a mile every 30 minutes.

Here in the Prescott area we were very lucky as we received pouring rain this afternoon along with lightening and thunder.  But since we have been in a drought for about 10 years now, there is always the chance of dry lightening starting wildfires.

Please pray for all the families that have lost a love one and for those who have lost their homes etc.  Many more homes are in harms way.

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Patriotic Concert

The choir I sing in will sing a Patriotic Concert at 6:15 PM on June 30th at First Baptist Church (outside under a tent).  The music is a collection of outstanding arrangements of familiar patriotic songs along with a couple that aren’t quite so familiar.  There will also be an orchestra.  Looking forward to a good turnout for this wonderful presentation to uplift our country and God!

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More Disasters in the USA

As we now watch the forest fires raging in the Black Forest Fire which has no containment and high winds, we must remember to keep all those in harms way in our prayers. It seems that this year has been especially bad with all the storm damages and now the fires. Pray there are no injuries or deaths with all the residents and firefighters affected.

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Continue to Pray for those in Storms Way

As we contemplate all the damage that the tornadoes and flooding has done to various parts of our country, we must keep those who were in harm’s way in our prayers.  The devastation that has been done will continue to plague those who were affected for a long time.

Also remember to ask God to heal those who have lost loved ones.  Material “things” can be replaced, but life cannot be.  Also keep those in mind that have lost irreplaceable mementos.  It is difficult to deal with the loss of irreplaceable photographs etc.   My heart reaches out to all.

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Remembering on Memorial Day

Memorial Day4

As we light up our barbeques,  toss baseballs and play horseshoes, we need to stop and reflect on what our right to have this day as a holiday really means.  There are so many who served our country in the military and some gave their all and this is what this day really is about.  Let’s bring back the honoring of those who gave their all for our country, those who served in the past and those who are still serving.  God bless our troops and our country.

In my opinion, our society today thinks everything surrounds “me, me, me.”  It is time to stop focusing on ourselves and start focusing on what this country originally stood for and to do what is right.  It is so wonderful to see neighbors helping neighbors after the Oklahoma tornado.  But it shouldn’t take a disaster for us to help our neighbors.  I believe that as a country, we are failing to reach out and help each other and that most of our churches are failing to reach out and help each other.

Social media lets people be anonymous and to also be cruel to others.  Let us all take a stand against the wrongs when we see it.  We can make a difference if we really try.

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Offering Helping Hands to Oklahoma Tornado Victims

As the people who have lost most everything in the Oklahoma Tornado start combing through the ruble that was once their home for any salvageable items, we must continue to pray for them and to offer any help that we are capable of doing.  Salvation Army has asked for food items and clothing and toys and you can always donate to “Mercy Chefs” who provide a hot meal and cold water to the victims of disasters.  Mercy Chefs have mobile kitchens that they set up and cook out of so as to offer a quality hot meal.  Many of the victims are unable to cook or make meals in their situation.  That is why I love the concept of the Mercy Chefs:

Mercy Chefs is a non-profit, faith based, charitable organization committed to serving high quality professionally prepared meals, during local, state and national disasters and emergencies.

Mercy Chefs shows Christian compassion and hospitality by serving victims, first responders and volunteers. To accomplish this they utilize state of the art mobile kitchens and organizational resources that stand ready for rapid response deployments.

They train church based volunteer groups in support of this mission, engage Christian hospitality industry professionals as Mercy Chefs and have developed strategic alliances with supporting government and non-government agencies.

They also partner with other faith-based organizations and come along side them to provide a food services element that supports their area of expertise. These well-established partnerships provide devastated communities temporary and on-going disaster relief at various levels.

The vision for Mercy Chefs was born while R. Gary LeBlanc was leading a mobile kitchen on its maiden voyage in the days after Hurricane Katrina.  Feeding people who had lost everything became his passion and calling.

Mercy Chefs is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit and the website is:

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